You imagine it. Larry’s Archery Barn builds it.

Like most businesses, Larry’s Archery Barn was born of necessity. The need for excellent customer service and superior products that are custom-fit to individual style and size–products that were made in America and didn’t take forever to produce–led Larry and Connie Rosenbaum to open Larry’s Archery Barn of Elk Point, SD.

For more than 35 years, we’ve been building a better experience for archers in the tri-state area. Since 1981, our locally-owned and operated company has been working hard to provide bowhunters with the same quality and performance from their equipment that we expect from our own, plus a place to test it.

We put over 50 years of archery experience to work on every quality custom-built arrow and compound bow we produce. We’re also highly sought after for our exceptional bow repair services. As members of the NRA, NFAA and SD Bear Bowbender Archery Club, Larry’s Archery Barn is committed to the future of hunting in America.

Receive Your Custom-Made Arrows Within A Week!


Custom-Made Arrows, PSE Compound Bows, & Expert Bow Repair: Count on Larry’s for the best bow hunting experience of your life! We believe in, and are also members of, the NRA and NFAA.


We’re so committed to the excellence of our products, we want you to put them through the paces before you ever leave our store. Trust our experts to teach you everything you need to know to get started on what is sure to be your favorite pastime.


Looking for a bow with a smooth draw you can hold for up to 30 seconds without trembling? You’ll find all the archery gear and accessories you need to shoot and hunt like a pro, right here, at Larry’s Archery Barn.


I usually don’t do these kind of things but I felt compelled to sing Larry’s praises.

This guy is great. If you need work done to your bow or need to learn how to shoot it… this is the place. He makes arrows and sells anything you need. Not to mention the 30 yard indoor range out back.

I brought my bow down today to get a new string on it because I didn’t know how old mine was. He said the string was in great shape and I didn’t need a new one. But he did put a new peep sight in it with a hose to keep it straight and he pumped up the draw weight for me too. He could’ve really stuck it to me and I wouldn’t have known… but he charged me so little for doing what he did I gave him double just because he was such an honest guy and he’s worth it.”

-Mark Shearer

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