Aim for Accuracy with Custom-Made Arrows.

If you’re like many bow hunters who start the season by digging through a bucket of miscellaneous arrows at a local sporting goods store, we’d like to inform you that you are missing out, big time, on the real beauty of bow hunting. With custom made arrows from Larry’s Archery Barn, you’ll thrill at the sight of a feathered shaft in flight as you come to realize that a fine shot isn’t due to dumb luck. An arrow matched to one’s shooting style is what separates the great archers from the good ones.

A Pleasure to Shoot

Putting over 50 years of archery experience to work for you, we’ll use our shafts to fashion custom arrows tailored to your bow, shooting style and use. We’ll work closely with you, tweaking your custom-made arrows until you’re satisfied with the results. Visit us today to place your order. Start the next season with a quiver full of arrows uniquely fit for you. Custom-made arrows also make the perfect gift for the archer in your life.


Customizable shafts are cut to length, complete with unique designs


White dipped or clear arrows


Uniform spines between all arrow shafts

keep your bow in peak shooting condition

You train hard to perfect your aim, and your bow should perform exactly as you need it to when the shot of a lifetime presents itself. With repeated use, bow parts will wear out. When your bowstring needs to be replaced, bring it to Larry’s Archery Barn. We’ve been replacing strings for so many years, we can guarantee they’ll match your draw weight and be fitted for your bow.

Whatever issue you’re having, Larry’s Archery Barn provides complete bow repair services to fine tune your bow and keep it in peak condition, functioning at its very best. After all, we want to be part of that shot of a lifetime. Contact us today to see what we can do for you and your bow.

pse compound bows

If you’re ready to try your hand at a compound bow, or are looking to upgrade your current one, visit us today. We carry a large selection of bows by PSE (Precision Shooting Equipment). PSE’s huge range of compound bows means there is something available for every archer. These are superior quality, affordable bows.

At Larry’s Archery Barn, our goal is to make sure you’re investing in the right bow for your shooting style. Regardless of your age, skill level or interest, we’ll set you up so you’ll enjoy everything that the sport of archery has to offer.

  • Customized bows for adults and children
  • Peep sights
  • Custom string and arrow rest sights
  • Custom straps, quivers and stabilizers

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